RCMA 2015 Fall Meeting Presentations

RCMA Fall Meeting President’s Update 
Helene Hardy Pierce, GAF

RCMA Government Affairs Committee Working Group Session– VOC Regulations
Greg Johnson, Sherwin Williams Company
Chelsea Ritchie, RCMA

Amendments to Rule 442 for Architectural Coatings
Kevin J. Williams, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

City of Phoenix, Cool Urban Spaces 
Dr. Nalini Chhetri, Arizona State University

RCMA Government Affairs Committee Working Group Session – GHS/HazCom
Mary Ellen Snow, Ergon Armor
Chelsea Ritchie, RCMA

RCMA Technical Affairs Committee Working Group Session  – Codes & Standards and Sustainability
Ryan Blad, Everest Systems Co.
Ben Borns, KST Coatings
Jim Kirby, RCMA

Photovoltaic Systems and Elastomeric Coatings
Michael Gumm, Solar Restorations Systems, Inc.

RCMA Technical Affairs Committee Working Group Session
Jim Kirby, RCMA

RCMA Reflective Roof Coatings Institute Working Group Session
Bob Brenk, Aldo Products Company, Inc.
Craig Smith, Superior Products International
Laura Dwulet, RCMA 

RCMA Communications, Education, and Membership Committee Working Group Session
John Stubblefield, Polyglass USA, Inc.
Debra Light, Central Fiber, LLC
Laura Dwulet, RCMA

RCMA 2016 International Roof Coatings Conference Working Group Session
Laura Dwulet, RCMA

Strategies & Technologies for Urban Heat Reduction 
Matei Georgescu, Arizona State University

Cool Roofs Initiative in the City of Phoenix
Mark Hartman, City of Phoenix, Office of Sustainability