Roof Coatings: An American Industry

Gives information on the roof coatings industry’s impact on the American economy.

Recoating Considerations and Coating Maintenance

Explains the primary advantages of roof coatings and the importance of proper roof coating application, maintenance and repair.

Cold Weather Application Tips for Roof Coatings

Do’s and don’ts and factors to consider for a successful coating application when applying roof coatings in cold weather.

Use of Primers Prior to Roof Coating

Explains when primers should be used prior to coating a roof.

Recommendations for the Application of Aluminum Coatings

Criteria for weather and surface conditions and application when applying an aluminum roof coating.

Cold-Applied Adhesives for Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofing

Provides background information on the use of cold adhesives for modified bitumen membrane systems and the proper techniques for the successful installation of modified bitumen membranes using cold-applied adhesives.